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During the past 24 hours 17 people perished in household fires in Ukraine

Published: 09.01.2019, 08:01

The new anti-record was set the last day in Ukraine - 17 people perished in fires on Christmas day of January 7. Six Ukrainians were injured with various degrees of severity. In the winter, the rate of tragic incidents in the residential sector is frightening with steadily high numbers, as the air temperature outside drops significantly. After all, citizens continue to heat their homes, often ignoring the rules of fire safety.

As fire fighters note, it is Ukraine's own negligence that is the main cause of fire and, subsequently, the death of people.

Statistics show that the elderly, as well as large families, and those who find themselves in difficult living conditions, are the most often victims of fire.

So, a fire took place in a one-stored living house in the city of Pavlohrad of Dnipropetrovsk region that resulted in death of a woman born in 1985. The owner of the house and another man, probably the son of the housewife, were saved by the fire fighters.

That same day, a man born in 1968 perished in a fire that occurred in one of the private houses in Centralna street of Novohnativka town, Donetsk region.

In Khmelnytskyi region, a body of a 80 year old woman was found during reconnaissance and firefighting in one of the rooms of a house in Nove Selo village of Yarmolinetsky District.

Meanwhile, a real tragedy occurred in Kharkiv region in the city of Kupyansk, where the fire took the life of two people at once. One of them was a baby born in 2018.

In general, for the first eight days of the new year, the number of deaths and injuries from fires is already 72 and 27 persons, respectively.

So, taking into account and very sad and tragic statistics, the State Service of Ukraine for Emergencies again appeals to citizens to strictly adhere to the rules of fire safety. Almost every fire can be prevented! For this purpose it is necessary to discuss in the family not only measures to prevent the fire, but also the procedure for action in case of fire: the way to call the fire and rescue service “101”, evacuation of children, extinguishing the fire at the initial stage, safe escape routes. Do not forget to tell the children about the dangers that the fire brings.

Always take care of the proper fire protection of your own houses! In particular:

• Monitor the condition of the mains;

• When leaving the premises, do not leave the TVs, iron, heaters, etc on;

• Do not smoke in bed;

• Do not leave your small children unattended, and not let them play with matches;

• Try to avoid overloaded electrical networks, do not simultaneously switch on household high-capacity electric appliances;

• If you heat your house with stove heating, make sure to check its serviceability and safety;

Remember! Only observing the elementary rules of fire and personal safety will save your life and property from fire!

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